Roald Dahl Facts

His Life, Work & Legacy

Roald Dahl remains one of our best-loved authors. His creativity and mischievous mind seem to have struck a chord amongst children and adults alike, and more than 20 years after his death we are still entranced by his writing.

Roald Dahl photographed in April 1954 by Carl Van Vechten

Above: Roald Dahl photographed in April 1954 by Carl Van Vechten.

If you want to know more about the man and his work, then Roald Dahl Facts is designed to provide a quick, simple and fun snapshot of some of the key facts and figures on his life and his writing.

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There is a great deal of coverage of the life and works of the children's author and novelist Roald Dahl on the web. In this centenary year of his birth, Roald Dahl Facts aims to provide a quick and readable reference to the more significant and interesting facts and figures about Dahl, his biography, family, work and legacy.

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