How Many Books Did Roald Dahl Write?


In his wingback armchair, with sharpened HB pencils and yellow legal notepads to hand, a baize-covered board propped across his lap, and curtains drawn in his private writing hut, Roald Dahl was a prolific author of books for both children and adults.

He tended to author novels when writing for children and short stories when writing for adults. Here we provide a breakdown of the number of books Roald Dahl wrote. You may also be interested in the complete list of Road Dahl books.

Roald Dahl busy at work in his writing hut.

Above: Roald Dahl busy at work in his writing hut.

49 - the total number of books published by Roald Dahl, including collections and books published after his death, but not including screenplays and plays.

21 - the total number of these books that were written for children.

18 - the number of children's novels.

3 - the number of books of poetry for children.

6 - the number of non-fiction books, excluding his autobiographies but including the 2016 World Book Day title, The Great Mouse Plot (published posthumously and featuring a chapter from 'Boy').

2 - the number of books that make up Roald Dahl's autobiography, firstly 'Boy: Tales of Childhood' followed by 'Going Solo'.

18 - the number of books of short stories for adults.

2 - the number of adult novels he published.

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